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Healing Through Self Care and Love

Counseling and therapy for Depression What does it mean to care for and love our self?  It means to love and nurture our own being.  To care for our self is to treat ourselves as worthy and valuable players in our world and not accept abusive treatment from others.  When we love our self we heal the wounds of the past and learn to recognize in the present when we are being treated in ways that are harmful to our self-esteem and well-being.

If we grew up in an environment of abuse we might not know that it isn’t normal to be disrespectful, angry, or manipulative.  We might think these behaviors are expressions of love or that we deserve it. When we get older we find ourselves being attracted over and over to people who treat us poorly and may find some comfort in it because it’s familiar even though it doesn’t feel good or right.  We may have learned to beat ourselves up by an abusive inner critic who is never content or accepting of who we are. 
How do we change these patterns?
First, we must become aware of the dysfunctional dynamic and how we play into it.  Do you engage in defending your self when someone blames you for their bad behavior?  Do you pursue people who reject you over and over and make you feel unworthy of respect, love, and affection?  Do you make excuses for the person who is mean and punitive towards you? Do you dwell in negative self-talk and depressive thinking patterns?  Start to watch your own thoughts, words, and actions.  How are you contributing to the problem?  Once you become more aware of how you think and react to situations you can start to make better choices.

When you find your self swept up in the drama take a break…. Stop…. Pause…. take a deep breathe. Ask yourself what do I need right now? Maybe you need to go outside for a few minutes, take a walk, or leave and go somewhere else.  Maybe you need to tell the person or your inner critic what they are saying is not acceptable and you’re not going to continue the conversation. Maybe you need to just be quiet and do something else like read a book, play some music, take a bath or shower, or sit and meditate.  These activities are positive ways to engage your mind and body doing something that is nurturing and healing.
As we treat ourselves as worthy of love we no longer are attracted to or attract people who are unloving into our space. Rather we attract and are attracted to healthy, loving, and caring people who are capable of giving and receiving love.  We no longer give in to negative thoughts about ourselves but rather affirm our positive attributes and qualities.  True love is within our own hearts and as we nurture that love it heals our body, mind, and soul and radiates out to others and the world.

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True Love
Healing Song for Self Unfoldment

Opening Your Heart

A holistic approach to counseling considers spirituality an essential aspect of a person's being.
As spiritual beings who have taken form into physical bodies we sometimes lose awareness of our essential nature which is love.  The world of form and senses consumes our mind and we believe this is the only reality and who we are.  In truth we are love incarnate and have taken form to love and be loved.  All life is born out of love and shall return to love.  Love is our essential nature and within every heart is the essence of that love.  That is why the heart is the symbol for love and why we feel pain in our hearts when love is denied, unrequited, or lost.  When we close our hearts in order to protect our selves from the pain of loss, disappointment, or betrayal we cut off the flow of love from expressing itself through our being.  Depression, fear, and anger take its place and we can become ill physically, mentally, and spiritually. 
The light of the divine within our hearts is a force of healing from depression, anxiety, anger and grief.From a holistic perspective our body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and one system affects the others.  The spiritual aspect is the flame which ignites our souls into being.  Healing can be achieved through spiritual awakening and opening our hearts to give and receive love.  To heal and open our hearts we envision and allow the flow of love within us to dissolve the armor of fear, anger, and mistrust that cover and block love’s expression.  Through dissolving and letting go of the pain and sorrows of the past our love shines forth with clarity and one feels an internal sense of joy and bliss.
When we open our hearts we experience more love and connection with others.When our hearts are open love manifests itself as kindness and a compassionate way of being in the world which is expressed through our thoughts, words, and actions, and we often times become channels for creative and divine inspiration.  There are many ways we can manifest love in action.  It could be through our interactions with friends, family, and people we meet in our everyday lives.  It can be through our work and service in our community and the world, and it can be through creative expression and the arts.
Chanting and prayer are therapeutic ways to open and heal your heart .
One technique that I’ve used for many years for opening my heart is chanting and prayer.  Many religions and spiritual paths have some form of chanting, singing, and prayer which focuses the mind and opens the heart to experience communion with the divine.  In the yogic tradition chanting is called kirtan and is a method of bhakti yoga the path of love and devotion.  In bhakti yoga we use our emotions to experience and realize our oneness with the divine.  Sanskrit chants and prayers are words and syllables that have the power to calm and purify the mind and emotions, and open the heart center within our beings. 
I started chanting in 1983 by 1987 I was writing my own spiritual songs and prayers inspired by inner guidance and heart wisdom.  I wrote over 40 songs in six years, produced a tape called Open Your Heart: Songs for Self Unfoldment and sang these songs at spiritual events and gatherings until 1994.  The title song of my tape speaks to the process of opening your heart and I offer it to you with love.

 Open Your Heart  is a song inspired by  my own spiritual practice, and speaks to letting go of anger, fear, and resentment.
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Open Your Heart
A Call for all Light Beings to Emerge, Spread Your Wings And Fly

There is a sense of freedom that comes from healing the wounds from the past.
Through integral counseling we can work together to process and heal old wounds and resolve past and present issues that cause depression, anxiety, confusion, grief, or anger, and restore or create a sense of peace, love, joy, and spiritual well being.         
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