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Handling Stress

Breathe Away Stress and Anxiety

Breathe away stress and anxietyWe live in a very stress filled culture and society and most of us have many responsibilities we have to attend to everyday. From the time we wake up till we lay our heads down for the night our time is spent doing things and keeping ourselves busy with activities.   We become stressed and overwhelmed at times and our health and sense of well-being can suffer.   Too much stress can trigger a fight or flight reaction in the body and our minds experience fear and anxiety.   We can relieve this reaction and calm our body and mind naturally with a simple breathing technique.
Deep breathing helps reduce anxiety and calms the mind and body.When we are stressed and anxious our breathing gets shallow and rapid, and we may experience racing thoughts which spin out of control thus further increasing feelings of anxiety and fear.  The remedy for this distressing state is to slow down your breathing.  There is a connection between the breath and your thoughts so slowing down your breathing slows down your thoughts and calms the body and mind.  Notice when you first start to feel agitated or anxious, are you holding your breath or breathing in a shallow manner?  Take a moment to stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths.
 Sit down and bring your awareness to the present and breathe.  Take in a long deep breath, bring it down into your belly, do it with me now.  Inhale to the count of four, hold for a second then release, release the tension and fearful thoughts, letting them go.  Take in another deep breath, hold for a second then release and let go.  Do this a couple more times or as long as you need until you feel more relaxed and at ease.   You will notice your worries have melted away and in this moment all is well and you are at peace.
Regularly practicing deep breathing brings a sense of health and well-being.
If one practices a structured deep breathing meditation everyday then it will become second nature to do this at the first signs of stress and your overall stress and anxiety levels will decrease significantly and you will feel bette rin body, mind, and spirit.

4 Tips for Handling Stress

Too much stress can overwhelm us and make our lives miserable.  Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed?  This article will help you feel better with four simple tips.Having a certain amount of stress is healthy, but when our lives are filled with stressors we can become tired and fatigued, overwhelmed emotionally, and our mental and physical health can suffer.  Work and relationships can be affected as well as our sense of well being and ability to cope.  We can encounter stress in our home and work environments, and in our social and personal lives.  We may seek ways to escape such as using alcohol, overeating, smoking, using marijuana or other mood altering drugs, overdependence on coffee or other caffeine drinks.  These ways to cope unfortunately may have negative consequences and can actually make things worse. 
Here are some healthy ways to reduce your stress and feel better right away:
Deep breathing helps calm the mind and body and brings relief instantly from stress and anxiety.1.  Breathe – when you feel your mind is spinning out of control or your body is tense stop what ever you are doing and take a few deep breaths.  This will calm your mind and body almost instantly.  Breathe in calming life energy and breathe out the tension, worries, and negative thoughts. There is a connection between your breathing and your physical and mental state.  When you slow down your breathing taking long slow full breaths it calms the nerves and relaxes your body.  When your body relaxes your mind calms down and becomes more at ease.
Take a warm bath or shower to wash away stress, tension, and anxiety.2.  Take a warm bath or shower, water is cleansing and soothing to our bodies and relaxing to our muscles and nerves.  Visualize the water washing away the stress and tension you are holding in your mind and body.  Relax into the soothing warmth and healing power of the water, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and renewed within minutes.
Listening or playing music calms the mind and heals the soul.  Soothing music helps calm anxiety, stress, and uplift you out of depression.3.  Listen to soothing music that makes you feel calm, happy, energized, or peaceful, or play an instrument and sing a song.  Music also has the effect of bringing us into the moment and has healing power to relax the mind and soul.  You’ve probably heard the saying “music sooths the savage beast.”   Music calms our nerves and brings harmony to our mind body system.
Meditation is a way to bring a sense of inner peace and calmness to your life and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.4.  Meditate, mentally repeat a mantra or positive affirmation, practice deep breathing or just sit in silence for a few minutes.  Taking a few moments to be quiet and focus on the here and now will help you develop a calmer and centered mind, which makes it easier to handle the stressful situations that arise in life.
In counseling we will assess your stressors and work to reduce the stress in your life.  You will learn coping skills and become more at ease and capable of handling stressful situations and you will be able to recover sooner, let go of tension, and feel better.       
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