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Grief  counseling can help you heal from the loss of a family member, partner, pet, or friend and come to a place of acceptance.Grief Counseling

Let Go of the Sorrow
Hold On to the Love

The death or loss of someone we love is one of the most difficult experiences we face in life.  Grieving after the loss is a process which usually evolves in stages whether it is after a long illness or a sudden unexpected death.
The Five Stages of Grief 
Denial:  This can't be happening.
Anger:  Why is this happening? Who is to blame?
Bargaining:  Make this not happen and in return I will_______.
Depression: I'm too sad to do anything.
Acceptance: I'm at peace with what happened. 
Not everyone goes through all of these stages and one may experience returning to a previous stage or going back and forth between stages.  
The stages of grieving can be complicated by:
* The relationship you had with the person.
* The way the person died.
* If there was any issues between you that were unresolved.
* If you felt responsible in some way for the death, or did not feel you had a chance to say goodbye or say something important to the person before they passed.
Grief counseling helps the grieving person work through these stages in a supportive, safe, and caring environment. 
Grief counseling will help you:
* Process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions related to the death and going on in life without your loved one in physical form.  
* Help you resolve issues and feelings related to your loved one so you may come to a place of forgiveness and peace with that person and yourself.
* Heal any trauma caused by how the death happened.
* And finally experience acceptance.
We will always feel a sense of loss and missing our loved one but we can keep them in our mind and heart and honor the love we shared as one of the greatest gifts we received and gave each other. 
Call or email me. I am here to help you through the grieving process and would be honored and blessed to be a part of your healing journey through grief.
Priya Thiele LPC
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